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  Rob Leatham

Rob is inarguably one of the most winning pistol shooters ever. As a child, he would play "hooky" from church to go to matches on Sundays at the Cactus Combat Match League in Arizona where he grew up. Rob first fired the Steel Challenge and the Bianchi Cup in 1982. Rob has won the USPSA Nationals, Bianchi Cup, and Steel Challenge numerous times in his shooting career. Many shooters have come and gone over the years, but Rob is still going strong! As of 2011, Rob Leatham is still training, still shooting, learning and continuing to win; he adds yet another Bianchi Cup win.

  • 2011 IPSC World Shoot Modified Senior World Champion and Gold medal winner for Modified team
  • 25 - time USPSA National Champion, 7 - time Steel Challenge Champion
  • 2011 Bianchi Cup Production and 8 - time Bianchi Cup Champion
  • 2013 USPSA Single Stack National Champion
  • 6 - division USPSA Grand Master

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