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  Mike Lehner

Mike has been a member of Team Safariland since 1994 and he has worked with Safariland for over 15 years. Mike, a certified LE firearms instructor is now the Chief Instructor for the Safariland Shooting School. Mike is former San Diego PD and Firearms Instructor. He is also a Master Class Competitive Shooter as well as a strong member of Team Safariland. Mike is also an Adjunct Instructor for Action Targets, Inc. with thousands of hours of hands on firearms instruction. Mike is a highly active member of Safariland’s Research and Development team and is currently working on new, innovative products to introduce into the shooting community.

  • Member of Team Safariland for 20 years
  • Holder of numerous local, state and regional titles in IDPA/NRA/PPC/NSCA
  • POST Certified Law Enforcement Instructor for 30 years
  • Director, Safariland Shooting School

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