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Safariland Model MLS Kit MOLLE Locking System Kit
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Model MLS Kit

MOLLE Locking System Kit

  • The MLS (MOLLE Locking System) allows the user to mount almost any Safariland holster or accessory in the right position to meet the preference of the user and to handle any mission requirement.
  • Provides a holster or accessory pouch with a quick, easy and secure attachment to any MOLLE-loop equipped apparel.
  • Allows for quick removal and installation between attachment points such as the MOLLE vest, belt loop and/or tactical leg shroud. Can also be used to mount in a vehicle.
  • Mounting system allows the user to rearrange gear quickly and easily without the need for tools.
  • Allows holstered weapons and accessories to be removed without removal of apparel such as a vest, leg shroud or belt.
  • Product is secured using a very small 2” X 2” footprint on the apparel.


Part Numbers for Model MLS Kit
Description Color Part No.
MLS KIT: (1)MLS 15, (1)MLS 16, (1)MLS 17, (1)MLS 18 Black MOLLE-KIT1-2
MLS KIT: (1)MLS 15, (1)MLS 16, (1)MLS 17, (1)MLS 18 Foliage Green MOLLE-KIT1-54
MLS KIT: (1)MLS 15, (1)MLS 16, (1)MLS 17, (1)MLS 18 Brown MOLLE-KIT1-55
MLS KIT: (1)MLS 15, (1)MLS 16, (1)MLS 17, (1)MLS 18 OD Green MOLLE-KIT1-56