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Safariland Model 6312 ALS® EDW Holster with Clip
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Model 6312

ALS® EDW Holster with Clip

  • Automatic Locking System (ALS®), securely locks the Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW) into place without any straps or snaps to manipulate
  • Holster design uniquely protects the top portion of the Taser® X26 from abrasion and impact and protects the LED display
  • This holster design will pass a Level I Retention™ Pull Test
  • Ambidextrous
  • Closed bottom with a drain hole to protect the cartridge
  • The safety on the Taser® is automatically activated once it is reholstered
  • Clip-on style belt loop with the ability to fit 1.5" (38mm), 1.75": (45mm), 2" (50mm), and 2.25" (58mm) widths
  • Available in STX Tactical®, STX Plain, STX Basket, STX Hi- Gloss, Foliage Green, or FDE Brown


Fit Information for Model 6312
Gun Fits Finish / Color BBL Right Hand Left Hand
Taser International X26 STX Basket Weave Black   6312-64-481 6312-64-482
Taser International X26 STX FDE Brown   6312-64-541 6312-64-542
Taser International X26 STX FDE Brown N/A   6312-64-551 6312-64-552
Taser International X26 STX Hi-Gloss Black   6312-64-491 6312-64-492
Taser International X26 STX OD Green Green   6312-64-561 6312-64-562
Taser International X26 STX Plain Black Black   6312-64-411 6312-64-412
Taser International X26 STX Tactical Black   6312-64-131 6312-64-132