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New to the Safariland line is the 7TS™Series. This next generation in holster design is injection-molded and constructed of SafariSeven™, a proprietary nylon blend from DuPont™. SafariSeven is extremely abrasion-resistant and can be submerged in water indefinitely and maintain its shape and function. After numerous extreme condition tests, including leaving the holster out in below freezing temperatures and baking it in an oven where it reached 300° F, the 7TS is proven to be practically impervious to the elements with its high heat and low cold tolerances.

7TS™ ALS® Concealment Belt Slide Holster

7TS™ ALS® Concealment Belt Clip Holster

7TS™ ALS® Tactical Holster

7TS™ ALS® Tactical Holster with Quick Release

7TS™ ALS® Concealment Paddle Holster