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InMay of 2005, Officer
Morrisonwas sitting in his stationary patrol
car when another driver broadsided himat 45
miles per hour. OfficerMorrison never saw
himcoming. Upon impact, the right side of his
body hit his computer, collapsing his right lung.
Hewas ejected sixty feet fromhis patrol car,
sustaining 36 fractures on the right side of his
body alone. OfficerMorrisonwas hospitalized
for amonth, spending twenty days on life
support. Afterward he had to, in effect, retrain
virtually everymuscle of his body. He also had
to relearn how towalk. During recovery, his
trauma surgeon told him that if he hadn’t been
wearing his Second Chance body armor, he
would have died of his injuries at the scene of
the accident.
Officer LarryMorrison
Chesterfield, Michigan Police Department
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